STG’S Video Streaming


STG’s Video live streaming capabilities and system engineering breakthroughs are of the best on the market today. From the worlds leading Video Encoder and Decoder to our unique communication protocol for live events, we offer the most advanced platform available to deliver Online Video and Video Conferencing services.

Hardware And Hosting

Hardware: The video streaming technology Project’s platform architecture is built in a manner that puts minimal hardware management on our licensee’s side. All major hardware requirements and management including, web-servers, snapshot servers, encoders, and routers are managed by Alkemy Streaming Project’s experienced staff of engineers.

Hosting: Dual processing dedicated servers which are directly connected to our fiber optic network, along with all hosting requirements, are provided for by The Streaming Project. The platform resides on our fully secured data centers backed by generators and 24/7 monitoring.


HD Streaming

We have integrated HD Video streaming feature into our CDN service so you can give your viewers an unforgettable live media experience. Nowadays, when high-quality online videos with instant playback, excellent full screen quality and no buffering are a matter of course, it is hard to keep up with the competition. Our new HD video streaming technology feature will help you increase your audiences loyalty and keep new customers flowing.

Mobile Streaming

These days mobile streaming is a part of everyday day life. Therefore, ensuring that your content can be streamed to as many platforms as possible is critical. Customer engagement and loyalty can be lost quickly if users experience difficulties or inconsistencies while trying to stream your video or audio content using their mobile device. We dynamically adapt your video for playback on multiple target devices and provide a simple way to publish video or audio once and deliver it anywhere to any device

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